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We are involved in numerous charities in Los Angeles and surrounding cities. We strongly believe in giving back to our community and sharing our blessings with those in need. 

A percentage of your dollar is spent improving the lives of children and adults in need by creating a stronger and healthier community.

Counciling For Kids ( mental health services to children in L.A. County foster care system. They provide therapy and healing to children who have suffered from abuse and neglect.

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Counseling For Kids Annual Fundraiser at Flapper's Comedy Club

about.jpg Spiritual Care Guild ( provides 24/ 7 spiritual care for the patients and families of Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Services include Chaplains, Baptismal Kits for children's baptism, Overnight Kits, tea for the soul and Candle Light Ceremonies.



World Children's Transplant Fund ( )provides funds for life saving organ transplants for children around the world. image-1.jpg

Automotive and racing legend, Carroll Shelby , was recently honored by the World Children's Transplants Fund Annual Dinner .

Burbank Leadership a community based organization class which teaches the dynamics and operation of the City of Burbank and encourages community involvement with local civic, government, business, religious and non-profit groups.

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Leaf Your Legacy Project at Whitnall Park - 100 trees were planted in honor of Burbank's 100th Birthday.

Kiwanis Noon Club is an International Organization of members where each chapter is dedicated to serve their community. Their passion is helping the children of their community by giving time and money to local non-profit agencies and schools.

Kiwanis 4.jpg

Lakeside Country Club Fundraiser - Burbank High School Choir




Children's Summer Camp Program

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We are involved in numerous charities in our community. We strongly believe in giving back to our community and sharing our blessings. Learn how you can help, become a hospitality member and share the wealth. Please visit our hospitality page for more information.

"Discover a Star Foundation"

Discover a Star Foundation was created 19 years ago by Universal Studios Hollywood. The foundation is committed to making a difference in our community by providing grants to over 35 neighboring non-profit organizations. Whether playing a role to keeping teens out of gangs, providing transportation to feed the homeless individuals, or building houses for families in need. Some of the charities they support are Habitat for Humanity, Homeboy Industries, beyond Shelter, Haven House, Women's Care Cottage, and many more.

BlackCar is a Gold Sponsor of the 19th annual Universal Studios Charity Golf Classic benefiting Discover a Star foundation.

"Burbank Boys and Girls Club"

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Burbank inspire and enable youth in our community, especially those faced with difficult and challenging circumstances, to realize their individual potential while learning responsible citizenship. We have been proud sponsors of the BGC Burbank for over 8 years.

"HOLA - Heart of Los Angeles Youth"

HOLA provides a safe environment for inner city youth. They make available fine arts, athletics and educational programs for 1300 students daily. They create a solid foundation for children inspiring them to achieve their dreams. BlackCar has been a supporter of HOLA for over three years.

Kids with Brian Cooke of the Lakers

Kids Surfing

"Burbank Temporary Aid Center"

BTAC is a Local Community Service to help meet SHORT TERM EMERGENCY needs for food, shelter, and the necessities of life that cannot be met by other established organizations.

"Family Service Agency of Burbank"
Website not available, please visit

FSA makes life changing difference in the lives of our community, especially confused youth, a troubled parent and battered women and children. They offer discreet shelter for abused women and offer counseling for children in schools undergoing traumatic exposure to abuse.

"El Faro Orphanage"

The Corazon De Vida Foundation provides Shelter, Food, Clothing, Education, Healthcare and Love to over 50 orphanages in Mexico. El Faro is one of the orphanages they support. Here is just one story of a miracle two people accomplished by trusting their hearts in the name of charity and love for children.

"1999 Mama Carmen and Papa Jorge Gonzales opened the doors of their home in Tijuana to a few abandoned children living on the streets. Word spread and in a very short amount of time children were being dropped off in the middle of the night by relatives who could not care for them, or were frightened because of a history of abuse.

Mama Carmen and Papa Jorge used their retirement funds to purchase a small piece of property six years ago in Tijuana and built Casa Hogar Sion, formally El Faro 2, orphanage. Within a few months of their brave beginning, Jorge and Carmen were "parents" to more than 60 children. Food was often scarce in the early days at El Faro 2. The lights were frequently turned off as the home struggled to make ends meet.

Taking care of 100 hundred children is not without its struggles, but with the love and devotion and strength of Mama Carmen and Papa Jorge and the staff, the orphanage has flourished. Through the efforts of affiliated churches and independent groups, private and corporate donors, there are now 7 buildings, all the children are going to school, some of the older children are in private school and trade tech."

"Ride-On Therapeutic Horsemanship"

Ride on has grown to become one of the largest therapeutic riding centers in the country with two ranches. Through Therapeutic Horsemanship Ride On increases strength, balance and self esteem to children and adults with physical and mental disabilities.

Now you can contribute to our favorite charities by becoming a Hospitality member and earning BlackCar points.

Learn how to "Share the Wealth" on our Hospitality Page.


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